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This website is controlled by Al-Maqtari London and its group. In the available statements of this site, the words- “we”, “us”, and “our” denotes Al-Maqtari London and its team only. Al-Maqtari London provides this website with all its details, information and services provided to our customers so that you can avail them without any doubt and is constrained upon your consent on all terms, conditions, policies, notifications and announcements mentioned here.

By landing on our website and/or buying products from us, you agree with our “service” and consent to follow the mentioned terms and conditions, and even those that are being available through hyperlinks. The mentioned terms and conditions of ours is applicable to all customers or guests visiting this site including clients, dealers, web crawlers, or benefactor of content.

We earnestly request you to go through our Terms and Conditions of Service minutely before acquiring any product or making use of our website. By utilizing or accessing any area of the site, you instinctively consent to abide by our Terms and Conditions. If you do not accept all the terms and conditions of our site, then you may be restricted to avail our website or use any of our services. If these terms and conditions are regarded as a proposal, consent is explicitly limited to these Terms and Conditions.

Any new drive or device which are added to our online collection or store also falls under our Terms of Service category. You can check our latest or updated version of the Terms of Service whenever you feel like on this page. We have the right to renovate, furnish points, or change any terms or part of Terms and Conditions mentioned if required, at any time and these terms can be found on our site through updates or notifications posted here. It comes under the duty of our customers to revise our page regularly and meticulously so that they don’t miss any point. Your usage of our website frequently or landing on the website after our changes or amendments automatically accounts for your consent on those changes also.

We promote our products on Stripe and Petal. They furnish us with excellent e-commerce platform enabling us to uphold our wide range of products to you and helps us to manage our business online providing easy and smooth payment facilities.

Part 1 – Online Store Terms and rules:

By accepting our Terms and conditions, you agree that you are eligible to use our site. We believe, that your acceptance reflects that you are at least the age of majority in your nation/state/place of living or you have allowed the minor dependents to use our site and have allowed us to consent their use of this site also.
You are requested not to use our name or products for any illicit or unofficial cause, nor may you in the name of using our service go against any laws in your jurisdiction (inclusive of all copyright laws but not restricted to it).
You should restrict yourself from imparting any code of catastrophic nature, like transmission of virus or others.
Breaking any of these terms will not only cause the ending of your services from our side but will also allow us to take necessary steps against you.

Part 2 – General Terms and Conditions:

We have the right to restrict or refuse to give services to any customer at any time if we feel it to be the right decision.
Customers should understand that your details (not vital ones, like credit card details) may be conveyed unencrypted and demand 1. transference over other networks and 2. Swap to abide and adapt according to technical necessity of networks or devices when needed. Vital or personal details like that of credit card details are all the time handled with utmost care and encrypted during transmission over network.
You should also agree not to sell; resell; copy our tag, product or brand name; or go against any of our rules, you should not exploit any part of our service or any person or contact on our site without being given our consent to do so.
The headings used in these pages are meant for smooth and easy understanding only and will not restrict or affect our Terms and conditions.

Part 3 – Accurate, Absolute and Promptness of Information in our site:

We are not to be blamed if details provided on this site are not accurate, absolute or updated. The details on this site are provided to the customers so that they get a general idea and should not count on us or depend upon us solely to make decisions without asking or going through other complete and more current sources of information. Any sole dependence on this site calls for your own risk and we should not be held guilty for your mistakes.
Our site may sometimes have few old or classical information just to enhance or describe our brand or product. Thus, they are not recent and is presented merely as references or to draw parallels with other products. We have the right to update contents on this site whenever we feel like but we have no strict responsibility to update any details on our site with notice or with announcements. If you consent our Terms and Conditions, it is your duty to check for regular updates and changes in our site.

Part 4 – Updates in services and cost:

We have the liability to change our prices whenever we feel the need without any prior notice or announcement.
We also can discontinue our service if we feel the need to do so and need not provide any notice or statement for it.
We are not to be blamed or held guilty by any customer or third-party if we modify our terms or services, prices, termination or face interruption due to internal issues or even for discontinuation of our services.

Part 5 – Products or Services we offer:

Several of our products are available only online through website. Such products or services may be of less quantity and can only be returned in accordance with our Return Policy.
It is our foremost aim to provide our customers, the best description and picture of our products and try to show the colour and design as accurately as possible. However, we do not guarantee that you will get the same as displayed in your computer screen (since there lies colour variations according to contrast, sharpness or light set by customers’ monitor and may vary from ours).
We reserve the right but are not duty bound to limit the sales of our product or services to any customer, location or law. We may use this right according to demands or cases or in accordance with our needs and decisions. The cost of products or their descriptions are liable to change without notice if we make the decision to do so. We may terminate or curb the quantities of a product’s production anytime.
We do not warranty that the services, details or clothes purchased or required by you will stand up as to your expectation or requirement or that any mistake in the service will be rectified.

Part 6 – Accurate Billing and Account Details:

We can turn down any order of yours according to our rights. We may curb or terminate quantities bought by customers per house or order. These issues may crop up when orders are placed or under the same person’s account, same credit card, same billing or address. We may directly cancel your order or may contact you through email/phone, provided at the time when the order is being placed. We have the rights to restrict orders if we feel they are being placed by dealers, whole-sellers or distributors.
Customers should agree to provide updated and accurate buying and account details for all the products they bought/will buy at our store. You need to update your account as well as other details alongside your email id, credit card details so that we can proceed with your transaction and contact you whenever needed.

Part 7 – Optional Tools:

We sometimes may give you allowance to use third party tools over which we have no control.
You must consent that we can supply to you such tools “as is” and “as available” without any surety or any sort of conditions and without any seal of approval.
Any usage of such tools provided in the site should be handled by you entirely at your own risk and you must be aware to use such tools given by the third party after acquiring a knowledge about them and accept the terms relying upon which the tools are given.
We may also suggest the usage of new tools or services in near future through our website but those shall come under our list of Terms and Conditions.

Part 8 – Third Party Links:

There are few materials/contents or services usable in our site, consisting of facts and figures of third-parties. If you click on third party link, you will be redirected to third-part site over which we lack any sort of control. We should not be held guilty for their services or contents. We are also not responsible if any vandalism is done to you, if you get it via third-party and will not hear any complain regarding the third-party issues. Thus, be sure when you indulge in any third-party transaction and use them only when you can trust them. Their complains are to be done on their site and not on ours.

Part 9 – Reviews & Feedbacks:

If submissions are made by you at our request or without our request, such as suggestions, ideas, materials whether through mail or comments, we may use them without any prohibition, edit them and compose them as we want. We are not bound to keep any suggestion in confidence or to recompense them nor can be forced to response to any comments.
We can but are not bound to remove, edit, or keep an eye on any disgraceful, unlawful, threatening, insulting, obscene or such related violations or disagreeable content which may go against anyone’s property or these Terms of Services.
You should consent that your statements will not go against any terms of the third-party, their copyright, trademark, policy or privacy. Your comments should not hurt others’ sentiments and should not consist of hateful speech or any sort of unpleasing picture or even computer virus that can hamper the site of the service. You should also always use your own email address to reveal your true identity and not someone else’s or mislead our team or any other third party. You are to be held guilty of any trouble created by your comment and we take no responsibility for any comments posted by you or any other external party.

Part 10 – Personal Information:

Your posting of vital information through our store is regulated by our Privacy policy so you may read them as well.

Part 11 – Mistakes and inaccuracies:

Sometimes there can be statements on our site or in our service that might contain textual mistakes relating to the definition of the product, its cost, charges of delivery, availability or others. We can amend such mistakes according to our rights and update them according to our time without any sort of declaration or announcements beforehand (even if, you have already ordered your product). We are not bound to rectify such errors in the website or in our services. There is no permanent date or suggested date mentioned in our website when our site will get updated, if ever mentioned also, it should not be taken for granted that are details are up to date.

Part 12 – Restricted Users:

Including all the terms mentioned in Terms and Conditions, you are supposed not to use our site or our details for

  • Any illegitimate purpose.
  • Not to indulge others in any sort of illegal act.
  • Violate any laws, let it be International Laws or State Laws or rights.
  • Not to hamper our or others’ property right.
  • Not to harass, abuse or hurt others’ sentiments whether it be gender, nationality, caste, sex or
  • Provide wrong details.
  • Not to spread any sort of virus or other damaging codes than can harm our websites alongside others as well as the internet.
  • To gather or follow others’ personal details
  • For any hacking purpose
  • Not to hamper any security measures of the site.

If you fail to abide by the rules, your service will be terminated and necessary steps will be taken.

Part 13 – Warranties and our services

We are not to be held responsible if our service gets interrupted or fails to provide error free service or even gets delayed.
We do not guarantee that you will get precise and trustworthy services.
You should consent that we can remove the service without notice, for even a long span of time or terminate the services at our will. So, you can use our service at your own risk. The services and the products you buy are without any warranty. In no case our team is to be blamed or held guilty for any loss or damage.

Part 14 – Compensation:

You consent to compensate, safeguard and hold Al-Maqtari London and our entire team safe from any unlawful action or trouble that you got involved in with a third party and do not claim or ask for any assistance. Any violation of terms on your part with the third party without our involvement is to be dealt by you and not by us.

Part 15 – Flexible:

If any of the Terms and conditions seems hollow and unjustifiable to you, such statements can be later worked on upon and cleared from our terms but it would not hamper any other accompanying terms and conditions of our services stated.

Part 16 – Ending or closing up date:

The details and statements of the customers acquired before the ending date shall survive the ending of the agreement for all conditions. Our terms and conditions remain to be working until and unless it has been ended by our team or you. You can break up with us whenever you wish to by letting us know that you are no longer interested in our services or products and want to stop using our site.
We are liable too to break up links with you, if we observe any sort of violation of our terms and conditions on your behalf or we get to know that you are failing to get along with us. In such situations we may end up with you without providing you any prior notice. However, you will be still bound to provide all your dues up to date and we may deny any further access to our site from your end.

Part 17 – Full Account of our Terms and Conditions:

If we fail to abide by any of our terms or conditions, a renunciation of such rights or facility shall not be constituted.
These terms and conditions or any statements or rules provided by us in our site or in accordance with our services is the consent between our team and customers and directs your usage of our site renouncing any former rules or propositions whether transmitted verbally or through writing. The former rules therefore can be added but not be relied upon solely and you should read the updated version of our Terms and Conditions.
If your approach or perspective differs with that of ours, we are not to be held guilty and any complaint shall not be formed against the drafting party.

Part 18 – Controlling Law:

The Terms and Conditions or any other rules that we abide by, to offer you our services are governed and made according to our state’s law.

Part 19 – Changes and updates:

You can visit our site at your leisure time and check our updated version of the Terms and policies of our group.
We have the right to update, redo, rectify or add any part to our list of Terms and Conditions by publishing any changes. It remains your concern to check our site regularly. When you are landing on our site after such changes, it automatically gives us your consent that you do accept new changes and updates as well.

Part 20 – Contact Information:

You can stay connected with us and enquire all your queries at
Email Id:
T: +44 7732941964

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