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Privacy Policy

Privacy and Cookies:

We respect our customers’ confidentiality and restrict any sort of customer detail sharing with any 3rd parties.
Al Maqtari London is dedicated towards their customers and take all measures to protect your privacy. We collect, use and store your details with utmost attention and keep them safe with us. We keep all your valuable details as long as it is required by us and reassure that they are up to date and not with us after we accomplish our task of pleasing you. By operating our website or by furnishing any details, you approve our products and our utilization of your private details as stated in this privacy declaration.


Emails that are exchanged between the company and its customers may be saved as a proof of association and your email address is reserved for upcoming use as per our document retention plan. If we find the need to exchange confidential details with you, we will corroborate the correct email address and may take supplementary security measures as well.

Third Parties:

Al Maqtari London does not allow any leak of customers’ details to the third parties for retailing, sales or any other business purposes without your consent. Your confidential details may be filtered by an external service distributor acting on our behalf in order to provide sole or more services. At times of need, we may process your personal details using web services only when a data processing consensus is established and goes in accordance with the terms of Data Protection Act.

Mailing List:

To stay updated with Al Maqtari London and know its recent trending clothes, events, campaigns you can subscribe our Al Maqtari mail address. By subscribing to our mailing list, you agree with the terms and policy of the company and will allow us to form and spread marketing email campaigns and advertisements. You can break with us and unsubscribe our mailing list whenever you feel like through an option provided at the end of our mail. If we have connected with you even once, and is mentioned not to further disturb you with our email marketing communications, we will keep that in mind and remove your name and mail address from our list of mailing.

Use of Cookies and their benefits:

We comprise of cookies that is also evident in other websites and provide you with the best. Cookies are just short text files that are visible when you search websites on your phone or laptop. The cookies which we use helps us to:

  • Work in accordance with our customers’ choice.
  • Helps to recall your preferable settings during your visit to our website.
  • Allow you to spread and share our pages or product details with others through social medias like Instagram, Facebook, Whats App and others.
  • Establish security and pace of the site.
  • Update and refine our website for you.
  • Make our brand more popular through marketing.

We restrict the cookies to:

  • Store your personal information without your consent.
  • Possess any sensitive identifiable detail.
  • Spread data to other networks.
  • Pass information to third parties.
  • Pay trading commission

Cookies set by www.
We use cookies to promote our work accompanied by remembering popups and compile customer statistics. There is however no way to restrict these cookies other than restricting yourself from using our site.

New Visitor Cookies

We use cookies to count how many customers visited our site, through the usage of what technology they are visiting (Eg: Windows, Mac or others, which helps us to identify where our site is dysfunctional), how long they stay in our site, what attracts them etc. This enables us to understand customers’ demands and improve and update ourselves.

Third party Cookies:

Like other sites, we also provide functionality provided by third parties. When we lessen any third-party usage of our site, the third-party services set their own cookies. They are termed as third-party cookies as they are not set by us.
We lack control over them since they are not created by us and impairing those will break their function.

Social Website Cookies:

We have included sharing option so that customers can like or share our pages on other social sites. The privacy however remains different for different sites and depends on the settings chosen by the customers on those respective platforms.

Giving us permission to use cookies:

If you accept our cookies on your software, it means you have consent over this. If not, you can remove cookies from our site as well through the method stated below.
How to disable cookies: You can remove our cookies simply through your browser settings and stop accepting them. You can also use anti-spyware software which automatically removes cookies that you consider threatening.
Stripe and Petal: In order to deliver you our products, we use Stripe and Petal platforms and will provide certain details of yours such as contact and order details in order to enable this platform to judge whether you comply with their payments and service options. They however do abide by data protection law. To know more, you can read their privacy policy.

Your Rights:

You can have a copy of the details that we have with us. Do write it to us at our contact details provided. We always try to update your details and will correct or remove them as per your request.

  • We are flexible and provide our customers with the right to request us to stop sending you emails.
  • You bear the right to stop us from processing your valuable details.
  • You may even ask us to delete your information.
  • You can update or correct any data about yourself that are with us.
  • You have the right to restrict us from doing any activity which seems to be hampering your rights

If you still have questions about what exact data we collect and store with us or have any complaint against us, write it to us at:

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