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Find new ways to look stylish with our collections of thobes. Explore our most latest beautifully crafted modest clothing all in one place.

Al Maqtari London

Al Maqtari London is a company showcasing Clothing inspired by Modesty, Natural Fragrances and more. Our main aim is to show the world the beauty of modesty through providing clothing of a high standard that feels good along with different styles that promote stylishness and elegance. Look Good, Smell Good, Feel Good.

Customer satisfaction is our first priority above all. Making sure that our customers receive the best of goods and are satisfied, is our push to continue working and improving our work ethic.

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Tanasuk Al Haramain

Tanasuk by Al Haramain is premium attar that is best for every occasion, strong in its smell and long lasting.

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Rafia Gold

Rafia Gold by Al Haramain is an elegrant fragrance that has a dominant oud and amber note mix.

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Rafia Silver

Rafia Silver by Al Haramain is a fuse of citric and floral notes that brings this elegant fragrance to life.

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Farasha Al Haramain

A sweet, delicate and lavish oil that has florals, amber and oriental spices combined into one.

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Noora Al Haramain

Blend of sensational balmy oranges, exquisite soft strawberries and aromatics spices.

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Bahrain Pearl Concentrated Perfume

It has a sensational musky blemish with citrusy notes, covered all over with sweet floral notes.

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